Prepare and Enhance Meditation and Mudra Exercises with this

15 Minute Yoga Warm-Up for Meditation.

1. Butterfly Pose (Fatingasana)

Time: 2 to 3 minutes

Butterfly pose. Sit on the floor bend the knees and bring the soles of the feet together. Place the arms between the legs using the hands to grip the feet. Bring the heels in as close to the

body as is possible. Bounce the legs on the floor for two to three minutes. Become a butterly gathering nectar in a beautiful field. Butterlfy stimulates kundalini and stretches the pelvic area .

2. Spinal Flex (Camel Ride)

Time: 2 to 3 minutes

Start in rock pose sitting on the heels with hands on the thighs, the spine is straight, chin tucked in.. If you cannot sit in the rock pose sit tall in easy pose with the legs crossed

Spinal flex helps to bring flexibility to the spine and creates tapa that activates, energizes and moves Kundalini. The head and shoulders should remain fairly stable. The flex should be concentrated at the 3rd lumbar vertebrae of the spine and in vagrassan at the 4th vertebrae. Spinal flexes help to increase the spine's flexibility and are excellent warm-up exercises for yoga poses such as shoulder stand and cobra pose.


3. Cat Cow (Bilikasana)

Time 2 to 3 minutes

This exercise has two parts and is done on the hands and knees. Start on the knees and hands. Inhale as you flex the spine down and bring the head up. like a contented cow (cow pose). Exhale and flex the spine up with the head down to the neck (keeping the arms straight) and become an angry cat(cat pose). Cat pose massages the kidneys and removes uric waste. It makes the spine flexible and firms the stomach muscles.


4.Baby Pose (Vajrasana)

Time: 2 to 3 minutes.

Sit on the heels with the knees spead far apart. Bring the forehead to the ground. Rest the palms of the hand on the soles of the feet. This posture frequently follows poses that flex the spine backwards. It aids the bloodflow. Try to relax totally in this position. This exercise stimulates Ajna Chakra (the third eye) and cleans the eyes 


Also see the futurewalker meditation for the ajna chakra - finding the 3rd eye. 


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